Saturday, October 22, 2005

An Autumn Night in the Desert

On this cool autumn night, we capped off a good day with a marshmallow roast. Whoever invented this ooey gooey delight...we salute you! It was amusing to watch the kids carry out their own methods for toasting the perfect marshmallow. Some liked the flaming mallow method, while others chose to only pass the fluffy confection over the flame once and then bite into the mostly "raw" mallow. As for me, well, I pride myself on my mallow's all a complex method, you see, a combination of turning the mallow continuously at a specific distance from the flames...then just waving my mallow over the tallest flame just to toast the outer shell with a nice caramel that the mallow is crispy on the outside and melted on the inside ...mmm...mmmm.....mmmmmm.

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