Saturday, October 22, 2005

Turantula Visit

This furry, eight legged creature tried to drop in on us today. On it's way toward our house, it was intercepted by the dogs and probably would have been torn to pieces or trampled to death, but it was rescued by my mom and taken away from the house and placed in a more suitable place...AWAY FROM US!!! In our is wrong to just outright kill something, even as scary as a huge, hairy turantula. So, this turantula was told to find another place to live...away from the house and if he comes's his own fault if he gets killed. My niece Lauren took this picture of the turantula's new digs...looks pretty upscale with all the necessary amenities.


gabriel-and-jordan said...

Yikes! A turantula near your home! That is freaky.. I would much rather see them at the zoo behind a glass window. lol

tohonobyrd said...

No kidding! I'm with you gurl! If you think ONE turantula is bad should see their (the turantula's) migration after the summer rains begin...the roads are speckled with them...all traveling somewhere! double YIKES!!!

stitchy said...

Hi there sister across the water! Finally made it here , to your blog , and reading with muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch joy ! even about the spider hehehehe
I will write more laters, big hug from across the big pond !
bigwaterwoman ;-)