Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Blustery Night

One of the scariest things to me is a gust of strong wind...maybe because it's unpredictable. I had a meeting tonight and upon my return home I had to battle with the wind and the swirling dust as I walked to the front door of the the dark no less! I didn't expect the door to be locked and naturally tried to push my way indoors, but gramma had locked the dead bolt (hey!...why is it called a "dead bolt"?...that's a disturbing thot)...anyways...I fumbled around for my keys and of course I had a bit of trouble with that...all the while getting nervous because my thoughts personify the wind and I have a sensation that it is grabbing at me...ready to carry me off to an unknown place...not OZ...but to a frightening place...I know...I'm strange! lol. Well, I finally get the right key and quickly open the door, adrenaline pumping, back rigid...and I run inside, slam the door, and lock the dead bolt! Wheeeew! just in time!...before the monster grabs me! ( in the horror movies)...and I am safe and sound with just a cold shiver up my spine! Tomorrow morning I will go outside and see what has been flung around throughout the night wind up in the aftermath. It sounds spooky outside...the winter wind is howling.

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gabriel-and-jordan said...

Love your "poeticness" (that's a Christy word"! Now being carried off to Oz which the last I heard was in Kansas... and in my opinion that IS a pretty frightening place! LOL
You know it has been SOOOOO windy over here and with our 200 foot trees knocking at our window ..its pretty scary. I hear ya!