Monday, September 26, 2005

A Family Weekend - O'odham N'nei Practice

The yard outside our house seemed to be hosting a car and truck rally, but in fact it was just a gathering of the family this weekend. It's always nice when all the schedules somehow mesh and allow for us to come together for a common purpose. This particular Saturday, our purpose was to hone our singing skills. As descendants of the man called "mockingbird"(a great visioner of songs), it is our legacy and pride to carry on in the traditional singing of those who have gone before us. In a day and age when the trappings of "modern civilization" seem to keep us busy and stressed out, the old songs help me to catch a glimpse of the O'odham life in it's sweet simplicity. It keeps me grounded and lifts me up at the same time.

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1000hats said...

Looks like Gus was having a few friends over as well.