Monday, September 26, 2005

A Family Weekend - Triple P Partaay!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Renee or as he is more commonly know to us as "Ju:ki" (which means RAIN in our language). On Sunday, we made our way to the big city to celebrate Ju:ki's 7th birthday at the happiest place on earth...oh wait, that's Disneyland...well the happiest place in Tucson?...hmm that seems more appropriate. Peter Piper Pizza (known to us as "Triple P") was the scene of the big shin dig...pizzas all around, the rootbeers in little 8 oz cups were free flowing and there were enough party hats and good conversation to go around. Triple P has all the amusements that keep the kiddies occupied and all you have to do is turn them loose with a handfull of video game tokens and you can sit and enjoy a few minutes of peace before they come running back with little hands open asking for more tokens. Well...the ooey, gooey pizzas came to the table and we all dug in and then after a couple of yummy slices...i looked around and realized that the "birthday boy" was nowhere to be seen. Of course he was wrapped up in the game section of the pizza place along with all the other kids. Well, cheers to Ju:ki anyways! A good time was had by all and I wish Renee many more birthdays to come!

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