Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crosses and Candles Under a Crescent Moon

The sun sinks below the horizon line and grants us a beautiful beginning to nightfall. We gather at the village cemetery to decorate the graves and light candles. Prayers, in the form of our traditional songs, are propelled into the night sky by our combined voices. After our singing, we make our way to each gravesite, pausing to remember those who will forever be part of our lives...whether they lived long and full lives or whether they touched the earth only briefly. I am humbled by this experience and grateful for the riches that my ancestors have passed on to us...not earthly riches...but riches that cannot be bought at any price.


gabriel-and-jordan said...

What an awesome experience. It's special that you and all your family and friends come together to remember such special people in such a special way. (I guess i used special quite a bit in that sentence-it's so special-lol). Anyways, it really is cool. I hope you are doing better, you are such a strong woman of God. He will always be there for you and so will I. Love ya, Christy

tohonobyrd said...

hey Chris...thanks so much. I'm doing much better... There's nothing like being around the people who truly care about you to put things into perspective. I have to trust that God knows what is best for my life...and that is what keeps me sane during the trying times. Faith and family keeps me grounded. I hope you can bring the boys out to visit us sometime...you're family too. My houlie sistah! (hugs)