Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Generations of Faith

Went to our on again class called "Generations of Faith". The small gathering included myself and my aunt and 2 cousins, a nephew and a neice. It was the introductory night...everyone sharing thier names and random information as well as a more probing question about what caused us to want to be part of the class. Kathy (not a sister), facilitated an interesting discussion about the meaning of the class and the state of the church today. We also heard about the true origins of the halloween, all saints and all souls festivities, which has its roots in Celtic practices...everything she talked about made me want to rush home and pull out my books on church history. One thing that rang in my head as we turned out the lights and left the community building was this:...on commenting about the current shortage of priests and nuns coming into the Catholic church...Kathy believes that it may very well be the working of God. It should not be left up to just the priests, nuns, pastors, deacons, sunday school do all the work of the ministry... All who believe in God must be involved in some way or another. It's funny sometimes how we rely on a select few people to always do the opening prayer for our gatherings. The act of talking to God is something that we should all is a created part in us all...put there by God himself because he wants to hear from us daily. I agree with Kathy....I too believe that we need to take a more active role in our faith and not just pass the prayer off to someone else.

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