Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Something is wrong with my email program...I'm not sure how long it's been failing to send emails and I am peeved! TOUA has been doing some work on their this may be the reason for the problem...many emails I have sent have not been recieved by those I was contacting...and several emails I have recieved have been either deleted or sent to the SPAM or UNAPPROVED folder. Uuuggghhh! So....for some of my friends and family who have send me emails and are waiting for a reply....I'M NOT IGNORING YOU...I sent a reply, but chances are...u didn't recieve it. :o( I hope to get the problem fixed by today.

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gabriel-and-jordan said...

I was wondering where you were! It's nice to hear you are alive and well. Our family on the other hand has been sick with the stomach flu and fevers for over a week and a half. We just love to share - just passing it back and forth. lol

I hope your Thanksgiving was great with lots of family love and "ono-kine" (delicious) food!