Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let's Pretend

Let's pretend it was just yesterday that I returned from an awesome weekend in New Mexico...Albuquerque to be precise. I spent the weekend relaxing with my beautiful sister Yolanda, who flew me there just so we could hang out like we used to when I still lived in the Duke City. Honestly, while lounging on her sofa, wrapped in a comfy warm blanket, I felt as if I only lived next door...instead of hundreds of miles away. Thanks to Yo for making me feel so "at home".

I arrived on a Saturday morning and stood waiting at the baggage claim for a suitcase that was still stuck in suitcase had an adventure of it's own and made a trip to San Diego and then hopped over Arizona and on to New Mexico. In the meantime, Yo and I headed out for a bit of breakfast nostalgia courtesy of Little Anita's restaurant in the good ol' South Valley. Of course I ordered the IN-Famous green chili on my yummy steak and eggs. The morning rolled on with a trip to the new South Valley Wal-mart so I could buy me some warm shoes. After a leisurely drive around the old stomping grounds...reminiscing about this and that...we ended up at Pat Hurley Park which has a nice view of the city. beloved beautiful it is.

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