Thursday, November 10, 2005


Wooohooo! I made it!...and thanks to my new did my plastic and foam manequinn! But seriously, having basic knowledge of CPR maneuvers is such a valuable tool. I encourage everyone to take the class. My certification card will arrive in the mail within the next week or so..and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I also learned the Heimlich maneuver which is great. The instructor was clear and competent...and he was funny as well. We all had a good time learning. Photos clockwise from top left: My CPR practice manequinn, fellow students practicing the techniques, firefighter practicing heimlich maneuver on child, my class partner, Diana, practicing CPR and using a defibrillator device.


1000hats said...

Congrats, U!

tohonobyrd said...

Thanks Sara! I had a great time of it...not as scary as I thought it would be. The manequinns had plastic bags that expanded to simulate the lungs...and during the practice sessions; one of the firefighters blew too hard and burst the bag! LOL! His "victim" was a gonner. Our instructor, Phil said, "Way to just burst his lung". We all laughed...but we learned a valuable lesson too.