Friday, November 11, 2005

We Remember Our Veterans

L to R: Clarence J Eleando Sr. (U.S. Army) - serving a tour of duty in the Korean Conflict, John F. Johnson (U.S. Army) - serving in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, The late Clarence D. Liston (U.S. Army) - serving a tour of duty in the Korean Conflict. To my grandfathers and my uncle: Thank you for the freedoms you fought to protect.

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Auntie B said...

My deepest respect for those individuals who without a second thought chose to be our warriors and to protect our freedom, freedom that we sometimes take for granted or think that no other o'odham has faced any more than we have. It may not always be words but actions that shows that we are precious enough to defend. Throughout history our warriors have been the forefront for our survival, and we in turn should give our best in the things we do because if it wasn't for those brave warriors, we wouldn't have the things we do today.